SolPDOnlineFiber allows continuous remote monitoring of the partial discharge signals coming out of SolCB in the absence of an operator.

An Internet connection is required.

The main advantage of the SolPDOnlineFiber, in addition to those already mentioned for the SolPDOnlinePlus, is represented by the presence of an optical fiber connection that guarantees galvanic isolation between the control system and the measurement system, increasing operators’ safety. Furthermore, the presence of the optical fiber connection allows to considerably increase the distance between the measurement system and the control one.

SolPDOnlineFiber, in addition to or as alternative to the components of SolPDOnlinePlus, includes: 1x Transmitter Module, battery powered, for USB 3.0 / Optical Fiber conversion, 1x Receiver Module for fiber optic / USB 3.0 conversion and 1x Fiber optic cable (length to be defined according to the application)

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