SolBox, thanks to its operational simplicity, can be installed on medium-size electric motors and generators (over a few dozen kiliwatts), powered by an inverter, to perform predictive diagnostics.

The promptly identification of the triggering of partial discharges in fact prevent serious failures due to the electrical insulation breakdown.

SolBox continuously monitors the presence of partial discharges in the electric machine stator insulation represent the first instrument really applicable in a market segment in which faults due to premature insulation failure are particularly frequent.

The following features are active in the BASIC version of SolBox:

  • Signal conditioning:
    • Signal filtering through passive analog filters thanks to the optimization of the sensor
    • Signal processing through different amplification stages.
  • Signal measurement: after the signal filtering section, the maximum amplitude is measured.
  • Definition of the threshold: the measured signal is compared with a threshold above the noise band.
  • Definition of the alarm levels: according to the number of discharges and their amplitude.
  • Alarm signaling: lighting of LEDs related to different alarm levels.

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